who we are

People 1K = Belief in the Power of People

Project1K is an organization that invests in projects that leverage the positive, exponential impacts that people have on our world. P1K operates under the confidence that humanitarian virtues are inherent in every person. We develop and fund projects that make a local impact and support global projects that directly impact the human condition.Project 1K is a non-profit agitator. Challenging the scaffolding of “charitable” work as an exceptional behavior, P1K is an enabler of human virtues that occur everywhere, everyday. We connect humanitarian ideas with humanitarian resources which leads to humanitarian action. When one project is lit, we leverage that project to ignite a torch in another part of the world. We believe humanitarian action should not be thought of as charity, should be sustainable long-term, and should always be inherently not-for-profit. It isn’t a sprint to a conceived finish line or even a marathon; it’s a relay race within our human nature with an infinite legacy.

With that in mind, Project 1K empowers 1gniters. We educate, enable, and empower this Generation to develop, sustain, and empower others to pass the torch. With 1K people igniting 1K torches, 1M people can be positively impacted in our Generation. One more relay and now 1B have been set afire.  A Humanitarian Pyramid Scheme, if you will.